Chaudhary Chemicals...

Est. 1942

Manufacturers and suppliers of: Quality Laboratory Reagents and Industrial Chemicals.

Who We Are...

Established in 1942, Chaudhary Chemicals was later acquired by our late patriarch, Shri Hari Dev Prakash Malikpuria alias Chaman Lal. As a result of his zeal, passion and pioneering efforts, we are today a leading trader and manufacturer of high quality laboratory reagents and industrial chemicals. We have an extensive portfolio of clients from across industries, institutions, and a long standing legacy of continued delivery of exceptional products and services.

What We Do...

We understand our clients’ needs and know that quality matters. Our products are equivalent to BIS specifications. With decades of experience in manufacture of industrial chemicals as well as laboratory reagent grades of acids behind us, we pride ourselves on our products and promise to deliver the very best.

Why Us...

Over the years, we have not only developed strong customer relations but also sophisticated infrastructure that facilitates the smooth and timely delivery of products to our clients. Our facilities are adequately equipped and continue to be upgraded so we can continue serving you in the best way possible.

Our Products...

Calcium Chloride
Semi Fused
Calcium Nitrate Tetra Hydrate
Ultra Pure
Hydrochloric Acid
Commercial, Pure, C.P., A.R., Fuming
30% - 38%
Nitric Acid
Commercial, Pure, C.P., A.R., Fuming
50% - 99%
Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)
Commercial, Pure, C.P., A.R.
95% - 98%
Ammonia Liquor
Commercial, Pure, C.P., A.R.
10% - 34%
Ready Mixed Electrolyte:
Dilute and Concentrated Battery Grade Sulphuric Acid
Pure Demineralised Water